“Today At Apple” An Educational Program Launched By Apple

Apple is planning to launch an educational program called Today at Apple in all the 495 stores. The program will incorporate coding, music, art, design and many more topics. Highly trained Apple technical experts and team members will take care of the educational program.

Professional musicians, photographers and class artists will teach the basics of the professional level programs. Apple is welcoming everyone where they are comfortable in their space. Also, the best of Apple team members are coming together. It offers a chance to discover their passion, and take their skill to a higher level.

Today at Apple is a free program which focuses on all the features of Apple products which customers love. Individuals of every age can participate in it. For instance, an iDevice user who is interested in photography can learn on 6 steps of cover shooting, editing, organizing and many more things. If you are an advanced photographer, you can also join the experimental Photo Walks. You can learn the techniques of light and shadow, storytelling, portraits, capturing the candids, and developing brands on social media.

Courses offered at Today at Apple

Today at Apple also has special programs for the families and educators. Teachers from different schools can come on Tuesday’s to learn about different technologies so that they can incorporate them in schools. Aspiring coders will get options to learn Apple’s programming language for iOS and Mac applications.

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Families can also bring their kids on Kids Hour sessions which teach different things starting from music to coding with robots. For those who have a small business, they can engage in a conversation with local and global entrepreneurs in the new Business Circuits Program.

Sessions of Creative Pros

The Creative Pros will also teach many sessions. Every creative pro is also a highly trained professional in one or more areas. Today at Apple offers 60 different sessions which include:

  • Studio hours for 90 minutes training on art and design, documents and presentations
  • Photo or the Sketch Walks help budding photographers explore new techniques. The photo walks include capturing the action on video and sketch walks to explore the observational drawings, brush techniques, watercolor, brush techniques and much more.
  • Kids Hour will spark the imagination and creativity among kids. This session includes coding with robots, creating music with GarageBand and making movies with iMovie. And for experienced coders, the coding session helps to know Apple coding concepts.
  • Photo Labs will give the talented photographers to experiment with new techniques and hands-on sessions. Music Labs will let them explore different genres and beats and introduce new levels of music.Apple is remodeling a new store at 5th Avenue and it is also opening an art-packed new retail location at the Dubai Mall next week.
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