Top Free Android Apps Of 2016, As Per Popularity And Downloads

So, the year 2016 has almost come to an end. We all have bought our desired Android smartphones. This year, we have seen a lot of brand new Android smartphones from different organizations. With the new smartphones, we also saw some astonishing free Android apps that make our work easier. Starting from paying the bills, transfer of money to entertainment, information, and functionality, many apps were created this year. You just cannot deny that Android smartphones are of no use if you don’t have a good collection of apps in them. And the best part is you won’t have to spend a single dime on it. Check out the top 10 best free android apps of 2016.

Snapchat: one of the most downloaded free Android apps of 2016

It is one of the most popular and most downloaded apps of 2016. Snapchat works depending on your phone camera. You can create a lot of funny images, with the multiple filters available in this app. The messages you send in this app are deleted in 24 hours. While you are editing a snap in the memories section, you can tap the paintbrush for giving the snap a completely new look. You can press and then hold on the camera screen for identifying a song with Shazam. The songs you have shazamed, appear in the settings. It is just the perfect app with many features at your service.

Google Maps and Waze:

The Google Maps and Waze is just the perfect navigation app one can have. The app gets frequent updates, and the updates are necessary. It offers you access to the places of interest, traffic data, directions to things like rest stops, gas stations. The app even gives you an offline mode. If you add the Waze Experience, it includes tons of features. In simple terms, if you download this app, you will not need another navigation service app.

The Google Drive Suite:

It is a free app with in-app purchases. For the new users who sign up, they get a storage space of 15 GB permanently. What makes this app so special are the collections of free Android apps attached to it. The additional apps include Google Docs, the Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos and the Google Keep. Among this app, the Google Photos app allows you in storing unlimited photo and video backup. You can use Google Drive for note taking in Google docs. Practically, you can do anything with the collection of free android apps it offers. Some of the features also include active collaboration, broad sharing of features and the compatibility with Microsoft Office.

Google Now and Google Now launcher:

Google Now is one of the most powerful free Android apps available anywhere. It came out a few years ago, but with the update in 2016, it became one of the best persona assistants. The app can tell you in details about the weather, offer you news about your interests, manage things like plane flight information, and then provide you quick access to information through voice searching. It is always updated by Google to offer you more feature. Along with it, comes the Google Now launcher. It lets you put Google Now right in the home screen queue for faster access.

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It is a free app with in-app purchases. It is one of the best password managers that is one step ahead. In a recent update, you can have the mobile use entirely free. And with a premium subscription, you can sync your mobile and PC passwords. LastPass saves all the passwords and auto-fills up passwords for sites and app that you use frequently. There is also a password generator that offers you hard to hack passwords. You can also download the LastPass Authenticator on Google Play for more security.


This one of the newest apps of 2016. But believe me, this is just one of the best free android apps one can have. Alto allows you to log into access all the email accounts and then control them with a unified inbox. You can access the dashboard feature which offers the highlights of your emails. At present, it supports the POP3, IMAP, Outlook, iCloud and Microsoft Exchange. It is a nifty quick little email app which is a great one if you have multiple accounts you need to manage.


MyFitnessPal is one of the best health-oriented apps available on the market. It covers a large range of healthy lifestyles. It includes the calories counts database with more than 5,000,000 foods, a recipe importer so that you can create your cook-book and exercise regimes, integrate them with other apps and fitness hardware. You will get customized recommendation depending on your diet needs and it is great to have such an app around if you want to have a healthy life. The app is free.


If you surf the web very frequently, then this one is just the right choice for you. It allows you to store links and web images for viewing later. The Pocket app is great if you want to find all your internet stuff at one place. It is easy to find stuff later. The offline capabilities help you in storing up content for the long rides to and from work. It also works as a cross-platform app so that you can save it on the PC, read it on mobile, tabs or any other gadgets. The app comes in handy.

SwiftKey Keyboard:

SwiftKey is one of the best keyboards available on Android. it comes with international level predictions that work for individuals of almost all countries. The keyboard has got many customization options including the changing of Keyboard height, a dedicated number row, and emoji option settings. You can check out the heat map and see how accurately you are typing. There are available as well, but themes might cost you money. And apart from the themes, each and every feature of this app is free. SwiftKey is presently owned by Microsoft, so let’s see how that turns out.

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