Top Free Apple iOS Apps Of 2016

Well, a smartphone is worthy as long as it has got some good quality apps in it. And Apple iPhone has got many apps in it from App Store. But it is tough to select the right apps for your device. It takes quite an effort to get the right apps for your latest iPhone. For those who have got a brand new iPhone this winter, you need to know exactly which free iOS apps will be the best ones for you. Here is the list for you:


It is one of the most important free iOS apps you can get. The video hosting service offers you with many videos in all languages. And this hosting service has made a lot of content creators rich. A web browsing session is never complete without at least one YouTube video. The YouTube app for iPhone and iPad takes up everything great from the site and puts it right into your palm/phone. The interface is smooth and easy. The best part is users are now able to upload videos right from the app.


The App became popular few years ago, but it was not available for the iDevices. Recently, Instagram was made available for the iDevices. But it has got a real competitor, called Snapchat. You can follow your friends and family to check out what they are up to. It is one of the best free iOS apps for capturing each and every memorable moment of your life. Post photos and videos edit them with filters and add multiple clips in one video. You can go live and connect with your friends and followers right away. Apart from these, you will get much more features.

Facebook Messenger:

Well, this is a standard app for the Android users, but for the iPhone users, the app made a debut in 2016. With FB Messenger, you can not only contact your Facebook friends, but you can also text your other contacts in your phone book with just a single tap. You can create group chats with most people you message, name them individually and also set group photos and keep them in one place. You can shoot video within the app, create selfies or other photos and then send them with just a single tap. With just an internet connection, you can make calls to people outside your countries.

Google Maps:

Now this is a valuable app for both the Android and iDevices. It was not available to iDevices a few months back. But Apple recently launched it. Google Map comes with features like real-time traffic updates; real-time transit quotes and discovers high places anywhere you go. You can save time based on automatic re-routing, find the pit stops, restaurants, local business along with reviews and photos. You can also check out offline maps and navigate without internet connection. There are accurate maps for more than 200 countries and territories.

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Netflix: one of the major free iOS apps for 2016

If you are a fan of web series, TV shows and movies, then this app is one of the best entertainment apps for you. You can watch the TV shows recommended just for you by Netflix. There is a safe watching facility just for the kids with family. There are no commercials, no hidden fees and you will also have the option of trying one month for free. And then you can cancel it anytime if you don’t like the app. You can browse for your favorite TV shows, movies, and web series and stream hem instantly.


It is a personalized mobile music station for the music lovers. The Pandora app offers you with a personalized radio that continuously evolves with your choices and interests. You can create personalized stations, from the artists, genres, songs, and comedians. Also, you will have the option of browsing many curated genre stations for finding out the perfect show for you. You can create an account and then listen to the mobile, desktop, TVs or any other home devices. You can also use the Pandora App in your car.

Spotify Music:

Another music app for the music lovers and this is one of the best free iOS apps for music available in the market. Spotify Music will offer personalized recommendations and readymade playlists. You can do it free without any ads. Also, you can subscribe to the premium version of Spotify. You can use this app on any iDevice like mobile, tablets and PC. If you opt for the premium version, then you can enjoy offline music.


This app is also a common one for Android users but the iPhone users; this is a new one. It is launched recently. You can check out what your friends are up to, share the updates, photos, videos, get notifications, like and comment on different posts, watch and interact with the live video feature through Facebook app. Also, you can play games and use the various favorite apps.


It is one of the latest apps for iPhones and other iDevices. You can snap with more than 16 friends, chat with a group. That group chat messages will be deleted after 24 hours. You can use the scissors to cut down your stickers from a snap. While editing the snap within the memories, you can tap the paintbrush to offer a whole new look for the Snapchat. You can also press and hold the camera for identifying songs that you have Shazamed. It will appear in the settings section.

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