Travelmate Robotics autonomous suitcase – Review

In this world of fully “Automatedness”, carrying your luggage with you and taking care of it like your own child is agonizing. Here comes the fully automated briefcase from Travelmate Robotics which always follows you. Let us have a look at what this product is all about.


  • Always travels along with you.
  • Comes with a smartphone app.
  • Inbuilt GPS, Bluetooth, USB.
  • Can turn 360 degrees on its own.
  • Battery life expected to be more than 4 hours.


  • An ordinary suitcase once the charge gets drained.
  • Costly.
  • Can be a victim of cyber security.
  • Sometimes problematic at the Airport check.


This autonomous suitcase comes with smart technology that makes it follows you always. This suitcase comes along with integrated dynamic artificial intelligence which helps in making decisions on its own. Because of this feature, it can follow you even in a densely crowded place or in any complicated situations. This suitcase will align the wheels so that it can avoid any obstacles or being run over by people. Sensors, that come with this suitcase always track your movement and based on your movement the suitcase moves along with you or comes to stand still. This suitcase comes along with the Smart Lock system. So you can lock the suitcase using your smartphone app.


Most important aspect when it comes to this kind of electronic gadgets is Battery charge. According to the official website, battery lasts for up to 4.15 hours in continuous autonomous usage. This battery is removable and you can use this battery to charge other electronic devices like smartphones, iPads or iPods. This Li-Ion battery features a fast charging feature and can provide 5 V.

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Let alone this suitcase, when we purchase an ordinary suitcase we always check the material used and based on the material we estimate the durability. This suitcase comes with ABS+Polycarbide and is expected to last for a rough and tough usage.

Motion and Speed

This suitcase can move up to 11 kmph making it fast enough to catch an average running person. The inbuilt accelerometer and the gyroscope adjust the speed and the turning radius dynamically.

Smartphone app

This suitcase comes with a smartphone app. This app is compatible with ios 8.0 or above and Android 4.4 or above. You  can track the location of the suitcase using the inbuilt GPS module. So no more worry about losing the suitcase. The suitcase can be tracked on the Smartphone app anytime anywhere. A point to be noted is that the software is open source.


Excluding the space for your packaged luggage inside the suitcase, this suitcase can also carry an extra luggage on top of it, when used in the horizontal mode.

Other features

This suitcase also comes with a LED lighting which will help you find your suitcase even in a darker environment. These LED lights are also useful as indicators. You can customize the color of the LED using the smartphone app.

The motor used in the suitcase is very quiet and also energy efficient.


This product adheres to TSA standards


Taking all the features into considerations, this suitcase is almost ideal for any kind of traveler. Smartphone connectivity is a plus point.

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