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The idea of TruckSuvidha started way back when the two partners were young, Ishu being in his school while Amit working as a young businessman. Both of them had a plywood business which required a continuous supply of trucks at regular intervals. The time was of substance at that point as the quality of plywood depended on timely delivery after being collected. A truck booking through the conventional ways could typically take from hours to days with no surety. The conventional process involved visiting the transporter hub and finding the appropriate transporter working in your area. Then terms were decided depending on the availability of the truck with no other option at hand. Sourcing of other services was also a big concern as a particular transporter hub had limited choices with no competitive edge making the customer a tool of such big businesses. The hassle faced during that period made these two think of a venture that would one day change the face of logistics industry. After a few years, when these two met over coffee, the burning desire to bring a change led to TruckSuvidha being born.

The initial year went in research, visiting transporter hubs in various states, getting to know the problems faced by this industry and pitching the idea of an online platform to curb the existing problems. Initially they faced a lot of criticism as the dogmatic practices were considered the best for truck booking. This industry was technologically crippled and the related entities were not willing to accept change. After toiling and pitching for months which involved meeting potential transporters and explaining the entire concept, the attitude took a turn and people of this industry were ready to be a part of our venture.

The database collected initially led to the actual data being projected on the launch of TruckSuvidha a year later in September 2014. Initially we registered 10,000 transporters and customers alike. The idea was much appreciated by the entrepreneurial community which led to TruckSuvidha winning several awards within the year of its inception. First few services included posting of load and trucks with the introduction to subscription packages. The USP of TruckSuvidha involved the advent of a model which did not involve a commission on each and every booking. This made our packaged affordable to single truck owners who were themselves the drivers in most cases which proved to be a successful business model.

Now with an online portal the first and foremost objective achieved was of transparency. The customer had the power at his disposal to choose from a variety of options. On TruckSuvidha you can choose the truck by going through the Truck Board which specifies the complete details of a truck i.e. the route it’s plying between, truck types, weight it can carry etc. Or an easier option is to post your load and let the transporters themselves reach out to the customer. Apart from these TruckSuvidha lists various service providers who reach out to you directly in case of any particular need. The options of packages provides transporters with regular updates or leads which can be used to boost their business. Some unique services offered by TruckSuvidha includes Distance Calculator and GPS inquiry. While Distance Calculator helps you plan your journey ahead, GPS inquiry helps real time tracking of your load at any time of the day.

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The most important concept put forth by our venture was the concept of ‘return trucks’. During the return journey most trucks come empty which proves to cause potential losses in terms of overall business. The algorithm designed by our venture led to potential matches for the return journey as well. The major advantages of this concept was:
– Now truck drivers/fleet owners need not depend on single party for material
– Transporters earned more money for a single trip (to and fro)
– Customer saved a lot of money by hiring return trucks instead of an individual truck

All in all it led to a win-win situation for everybody. Another brilliant concept that will be introduced in the near future is ‘Smart Shifters’. The current demand of our customers has led to TruckSuvidha introducing packers & movers on our website. Shifting is a major concern which is done on a regular basis for both inter and intra city. To streamline the process and increase competition within the existing players, TruckSuvidha will allow booking of packers & movers online which will lead to ease of booking and reduction in prices.

The impact of technology on the lives of each stakeholder in the trucking industry has changed the perception of people towards online truck booking. Never before on a single platform could you find all the related entities mingling and working together. This provides a competitive edge to the customer and the transporter never has to send another empty truck due to lack of business. Using the existing resources TruckSuvidha is changing the face of logistics industry. With fewer wastage and optimum utilization GDP of India is bound to grow as this industry reaches a new zenith. TruckSuvidha is yet to realize its true potential, with ambitious leaders and a hard working team the dream will now soon be a reality.

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