Tuplejump – Apple’s First Acquisition in India

The Cupertino Tech Giant, Apple recently bought an Indian startup company called Tuplejump. It was a startup that employed 16 people in Hyderabad. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the iPhone maker is on a mission to acquire almost every start up company it stumbles upon. As a matter of fact, Tuplejump is the apple’s first acquisition in India and the third machine learning company it bought this month.

Tuplejump initially described itself as a team that makes data management as simple as possible. Recently the company proved the description as Apple bought the company on a talent-hiring basis. Apple’s craze for artificial intelligence made it buy this Indian startup for 20 million dollars.

A team of three co-founders started the company in 2013. Machine learning was the core domain of the enterprise. Machine learning is a technique where the computers are designed in such a way that they learn to do things by observing and adapting themselves to the environment. This is more or less similar to the way a human child learns to do things. Furthermore, Tuplejump employees are expertise in “Big Data”. In addition to that, co-founder Deepak Alur left the company this April and joined a company called Anaplan. Almost a month later the two other co-founders Rothith Rai and Sathya Prakash joined Apple.

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Apple’s fantasy for artificial intelligence has brought some hope towards the future of automation engineers in the field of artificial intelligence. The recent super-hit of Apple, the artificially intelligent SIRI has caught the attention of gadget freaks all over the globe. So, this made a lot of android and windows users switch to Mac.

Though this Indian acquisition of Apple was first revealed by Tech Crunch (an online publisher of technology industry news). So, the exact reason for Apple to buy machine learning companies stays unrevealed. Apple doesn’t discuss its purposes or plans. This could be one of the reasons why Apple retains its position among the top most companies in the world. In spite of the technical assumptions and hunches among the people about Apple removing the headphone jack from i-phone7 have the justifications to be true, the exact reason remains a mystery. We know Apple for its innovation and “think different” code.

For more information about the company, please click on this link.

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