Twitter Lite App Includes All The Features Of Native App In 1 MB

Well, Twitter is a quite popular social media platform, not only in India but many other countries. The problem with this app is, Twitter App consumes a lot of memory depending on the volume of data as you keep on using it. The app saves data and consumes more and more memory of your mobile or tablet. The problem will be solved with the Twitter Lite app now.

Twitter Lite app is much better than the Facebook Lite app

Just like Facebook Lite app available in PlayStore, Twitter also came up with the Twitter Lite App. But there is a huge difference between the Facebook Lite app and the Twitter Lite app. First things first, the Facebook app is pretty backdated. Which means you will not find a lot of features in Facebook Lite app which you get in the actual Facebook app. On the other hand, the Twitter Lite app comes with each and every feature of the actual Twitter app available in PlayStore.

Speaking of other features, you will also have the timeline feed, the direct messages feature, offline support, the media uploads, offline support, trends, push notifications and much more. The app not only offers all the features, but it also comes with a unique feature. It has got the data saver mode. The Twitter Lite app will load 30% faster and consumes 70% fewer data due to the data saver mode.

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Limited cellular network is not an issue

Twitter is emerging fast in a lot of countries and India is also among them. The app is designed in collaboration with Google and it takes less than 1MB space. The Twitter Lite app is specifically designed for the emerging markets. When Needed you can also access the app through PC or mobile browser. You have to go to

It is designed for such places where you will get limited cellular networks. If you add the app on home screen, you will get a shortcut on the app drawer just you like the native app. The Lite version will load in just 5 seconds. The data saver mode will keep the photos and videos blurred until you click on them. You will also have options of adding it on the iOS home screen too. But you won’t get the notifications.

There is one single flaw of this Twitter Lite app. The touch response is slow compared to the native app. But apart from that, the App is just great to use. You can also use it in desktops in a narrow window. It is a completely new experience without consuming too much memory or data. Try it out by going into

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