Twitter to combat online harassment and trolls with MUTE BUTTON

Twitter introduces new anti-harassment option, named as MUTE BUTTON to tackle trolls and cyberbullying.

Social media has always been under attack of abusive comments by critics and it’s almost impossible to curb it. This hate speech has increased since the U.S presidential elections. So, after years of complaining, Twitter finally rolls out the feature to curb online hate know as “mute” or “mute button.”

Although these features won’t affect far out to the company’s critics but will help individual users positively. Twitter announced that it’s making it easier to hide content by which people get offended, even though if it’s not about them. One can also report offensive tweets, even when the tweets are directed to other people. The company has given special training to the support team for better prevention of online abuse.

What is Twitter Mute Button?

Twitter is introducing a new feature that allows its 317 million monthly active users to “mute” keywords, usernames, phrases, entire conversations and emoji from their notifications using the Twitter mute button. As a result, Twitter users will stop getting alerts when people tweet racial comments and other abusive comments to them. The technology firm already has an option for users to remove another person’s tweets from their timeline without blocking or unfollowing an account.

Twitter Mute Button

Twitter Mute Button

However, people who “mute” words and hashtags using the Twitter mute button from their notifications will still see these tweets in their search results and timeline.

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Twitter has recently been under heavy pressure because lots of celebrities have been quitting Twitter due of the “trolls.” People have also commented that Twitter had “died as a free-speech platform.”

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People affected by online hate and abuse

  • Comedian and actress Leslie Jones took action about this issue in July when she spoke out on Twitter about some of the racist remarks she was receiving on the site.
  • Mr. Yiannopoulous is targeted because he is “gay conservative.” as a per CNN talk.
  • Walt Disney dropped a bid to buy Twitter because of concerns that online abuse could affect its structured family image.
  • Emmy Rossum told she was receiving anti-Semitic threats on Twitter from supporters of the president elections.

Twitter is desperately trying to find a balance between people expressing their views and individuals harassing online. It has detailed step by step guide on “how to mute” and “report abusive behavior.” The company is also asking people to report whosoever is seeing the harassment immediately.

We hope Twitter Mute Button will bring relief to victims and keep trolls and abusive people at bay.

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