Twitter Profile Of President Trump Shows Concerns Of Hacking Risk

We know that President Donald Trump is the most important person in the USA at present. It’s nothing new. Every President of any country is. But, what’s new is, when the Tweets of the president of the USA or President Trump have a threat of getting hacked.

It is almost a week in the presidency of Donald Trump. POTUS, the account of President of The United States is linked with Gmail. It is what the cause of concern is. Gmail accounts are good, but are these accounts completely safe from hacking? Latest reports say that President Trump faced some smartphone issues for a week.

Latest tweet of President Trump

On Thursday, from the most recent Tweet of Donald Trump, few Twittrattis observed that the official account (@POTUS) is linked with Gmail. The best part is, the Twitter account of POTUS is lined with White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino. Initially, a hacker discovered it. The hacker tweets under the name @WauchulaGhost. Then it was also reported by TV Guide magazine editor Alex Zalben. They found the connection from a security feature of the Twitter Accounts. Any user, who forgets his /her password, can get the code for reset through a particular link send to the registered email address within the account. When the hacker (@Wauchula) and Alex tried the reset, they got a message which says the email id is ds*********

Donald Trump is still using his old Android phone

Even though the accounts are linked with more secure White House accounts, the security community still worries. The reason is, President Trump is still using his Android device. The tweets of Trump came from Android device and an iPhone. Rumors are, President Trump is personally tweeting from the Android device since those tweets seem more strict and open. The tweets from the iPhone seem reserved. It is not new. A lot of apps are there that allows you to check from which device a tweet or even a simple message is coming. At present, the white house is not making any comments on this issue or rather any other security details of the president. Experts say that if Mr. President is still using the Android device, it can be a threat.

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More Android apps offer better security

There are many possible threats. We know what the most obvious thing is. Hack into the president’s account and send out fake tweets. In case the Android phone has a lot of apps, it can prevent malware. Android apps avoid security risks. Till now, there is no indication that President’s account or the device have malware.

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Adam Levin, the Chairman and founder of CyberScout says, “We’re living in a world where cyber war has overtaken real war and where breaches have become the third certainty in life along with death and taxes.” Also, Bryce Boland, Chief Technology Officer of security firm Fireeye, says, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Once they’ve infected they phone, they can look at the calendar, see what meetings a person has and then turn on the microphone during the meeting and record everything that’s said. Then the malware emails the recording to the account controlling the malware.[/quotes]

He showed how a malware could have access to the camera, text, photos and accounts on your phone. The worst thing is you won’t even know your phone is doing all this. The screen won’t flash, no recording light and no shutter sound will be there, but it will work as the hijacker wants. Still, it is not right to say at the moment that President Trump is using an unsecured device.

Possible measure White House Security can take

The white house can take a few following steps for additional security measures. These include:

Using/installing the Knox operating system that offers military grade security platform. It operates on few Samsung devices only. It will become easier to overwrite much of the codes of the phone. Then they have to create secure digital containers that allow encrypted communications and data on the phone.

Additionally, they can create a separate identity for the consumer apps like Twitter, Facebook. It will not give any access to other files, accounts or other features on the phone. Finally, the White House security can also come up with a program which sends information to a Twitter account without engaging the Twitter app. It will allow President Trump to make tweets without even touching Twitter.

These are just the possible opportunities that POTUS security can take. Let us see what further actions they take.

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