Unbelievable ! This Is The Cheapest Smartphone That Is Available To Buy!

Nowadays, smartphones are available in abundance, but nowadays, no phone is cheap. However, an exception to this is the Intex Aqua G2. This is the latest offering of the company and has a price of Rs. 1,990, thus being a very cheap Android offering that is available these days in the industry.

The hardware is a very impressive one, but doesn’t change the fact, that it is an excellent option for the value given.

The Mobile Business Head of Intex Technologies Sanjay Kumar Kalirona states that with Aqua G2, the feature phone users who haven’t switched to smartphones still. Aqua G2 is a very good device and has all things, capability, performance and features for all 1st time users for getting a good smartphone experience. They are confident that since Aqua G2 is so affordable, the market share would further be enhanced and the potential feature phone consumers would be tapped.

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Soon, the availability of this handset would be seen online as well as online retailers and no availability by the company is seen yet. It would come with a 2.8 inch display, 11mm thickness, 0.3 megapixel front camera, 0.3megapixel rear camera, 256MB RAM, 512MB storage, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and 1100mAh battery.

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