Scientists Found “Miracle Material” For Unbreakable Smartphones

One of the most significant vulnerabilities of present day smartphones is, they are vulnerable to falls and scratches. All most all new smartphones launched nowadays come with Corning Gorilla Glasses. They are useful for preventing the smartphones. But they can only avoid it to some extent. Gorilla Glass doesn’t make a smartphone unbreakable.

Few smartphones are shatterproof too, but not fully. We have great news for you. Scientists have finally discovered a “miracle material” which will help them create unbreakable smartphones. The new material comes with improved chemical stability, flexibility, and lightness. Thus, it keeps the device safe from any falls and scratches.

The composition of new material for unbreakable smartphones

Most of the present day smartphones are made up of Silicon. It is expensive and vulnerable. 1.5 billion Smartphones are purchased every year. Thus, scientists were on the search for something which will make the device completely shatterproof and less costly. The newly discovered material is made up of molecules called C60. These are semiconductors layered with other materials like hexagonal boron nitrite (hBN) and Graphene. The combination of Graphene and hBN offers stability and electronic compatibility. On the other hand, the C60 can transform sunlight into electricity.

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According to Dr. Elton Santos, this new combined material has similar properties to silicon. But the element is much more stable, light and flexible than silicon. Thus, scientists are trying to use it in smart devices and make unbreakable smartphones. It also means the material uses lesser energy/power consumption than any other devices. Since the combined element can transform sunlight into electricity, it will also improve the battery performance and offer fewer electric shocks.

A minor issue for unbreakable smartphones

According to Dr. Santos, it is his “dream project” because such accuracy is not easy to find. They are working to make the material ready. The new material has got immense potential, but it is not ready yet. The reason is Graphene, and the new element has got a band-gap. It is the most important factor in on-off switching operations for the electronic devices. The scientist team is working to fix this issue soon.

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