Vertigo Music App: Listen To Same Music At Same Time

One of the things we did until now was forward music to our friends. We wished and hoped we could let them hear what we hear when we hear it. Music lovers would give anything to share it this way. The last string of technology has finally connected to put together this brilliant idea to work. It has come in the form of Vertigo Music App.

Yes, now you can share music and live stream it, while your friend does the same at the other end of the world. Isn’t that amazing?

About Vertigo Music App

The app is currently for iPhone users only. The unique thing about this app is certainly its real-time sharing feature. With social media circles doing the rounds, what developers have failed to do is give users a music-based platform. Yes, there were apps like and DubSmash – but somehow they failed to give something or the other to users.

Indeed, music nerds needed a place where they can post, share and explore more music. Finally, Vertigo has launched this new feature for them.

Vertigo Music App Features Include

• Connect with others and tune into their live broadcasts.
• Layer in video or audio within your broadcasts to enhance the moment.
• Receive real-time feedback via live commenting on your broadcasts.
• Explore and discover new music and tunes.
• Link Spotify accounts to build your playlists and listen to music with others.
• Share and post your favorite songs and music.

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This means that now you can share music with your core group of friends or with “public” and listen to the same music at the same time. Benefits? Now you can share your favorite music with your spouse who lives abroad.
Founder of Vertigo Music, Greg Leekley, has said that this would be a great app for the Millennials and Gen Z.

During their market research, they found out that the new generation was more interested in what their friends were listening to than what the celebs were hearing.

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What is Radio DJ?

There’s also another feature called the Radio DJ feature which allows the user to interact with their listeners. So yes, you can now become an RJ or a DJ all by yourself. All of this completes while you are sitting back and reading their inputs on your feed. Similarly, you can check out and comment on other people’s broadcasts. Sounds fun, right?

What about copyright issues?

Vertigo has partnered with Spotify Premium to avoid legal issues with music sharing. The app would connect to Spotify and immediately approve the access to sharing or listening to the songs legally.

As of now, the users would be fascinated by the text and images overlay, and many features that the app has to provide. It remains to be seen how the app is received by the youth.

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