Voice AI Is Next Big Thing For All The Tech Giants

AI is just the future, and no one can deny it. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), workforce and human resources can be limited. And this is why all the tech biggies, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook have prepared their very own AI. Every AI has got some similar features. But they are also unique on their own. They can do almost anything for you. 2016 is not the only year to see the evolution of AIs. It started after Google brought out its first personal assistant. It was almost two years ago, called as “Google Now.” The AIs have evolved a lot and here are the brief details about every Voice AI available till date.

1. Microsoft Cortana:

With Microsoft Cortana Voice AI, you are not going to miss out a single thing. You can set a reminder to your PC to pick something from the store, and your phone will get alerts when you get at a store. If you miss a call, it will let you know on your PC, and you can send a text immediately. If traffic is a mess, Cortana is going to show a beautiful and clear map for your office. It can track things you are passionate about, like favorite artists, songs, albums and offer you smart recommendations. It is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Just say, “Hey Cortana, ” and you are ready to go.

2. Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is the latest iteration of Google Voice AI. It is an update of Google Now. It is a conversational assistant that understands your world. Google Assistant will help you get things done on the go. You can buy movie tickets, find the perfect restaurants for your family and helps you navigate to any place you want. The Ok Google covers voice searching, device control and it has been updated to send messages, check the appointments and much more. The Google Pixel Smartphones are compatible with Google Assistant Voice AI. Google assistant will help you in keeping track of a conversation, determine the context and audibly respond with right info. You can ask about the next flight to a particular location, watch a program on Netflix and also look at the photos from your collection.

3. Apple Siri:

Well, Apple Siri is another Voice AI that offers all the functions Google Assistant provides you. Navigation, text replies, booking tickets for flight or movies, checking restaurants is common for Apple Siri. But what makes it unique is, it features PayPal payments. Apple Siri can detect the payment apps that users have installed on the devices. And from there you can complete the transactions through your chosen method. Siri is a great help when it is about sending money to people in the range of iMessage. You can opt for the preferred payment methods. Apple is looking to bring the iMessage into the higher assistant capabilities. It can act accordingly with queries within an iMessage chat. Apple Siri can also determine whether the people you are meeting, is free to meet up with you or whether they can reach your destination in time.

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4. Facebook Jarvis: The latest Voice AI available

Mark Zuckerberg created his very own persona Voice AI with the help of Facebook messenger. This voice AI can control his home, perform all the basic tasks, like turning the lights on and off, control the AC of a room, recognize user’s speech to understand the context of command and then perform the tasks. It has got facial recognition capabilities, so it can open doors for guests, tell Zuckerberg where any family member is. Apart from this, Jarvis can determine the schedule of your day, teach languages, prepare toasts, set up video conferences, play movies and also inform what are other members of the family doing. It can give you suggestions, make breakfast and even crack a joke. Now this is the latest Voice AI available till date. It performs almost all activities just like a real life personal assistant.

5. Amazon Alexa

Amazon is also not left alone when it comes to Voice AI. The Amazon Alexa not only helps in keeping things organized, but it can also help you in the kitchen. Alexa can help you with 60,000 recipes. It can take up the new recipes from “AllRecipes”, the social networking site. Echo is the hardware used to control Amazon Alexa AI. The Alexa users can download the Alexa app on their smartphone. It can help you find the exact recipe from the ingredients at hand or the dish’s name. You can control Alexa with voice command Apart from helping in the kitchen, it can also help you with ordering a cab, order a pizza or even play a music. Recently, Alexa was given with the skill to allow users in sending text messages hands-free.

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