5 Life Saving Galaxy S7 Tips And Tricks!

With the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung is again put back on the Android tree, owing to its useful and powerful features. Given below are some tips and tricks of Galaxy S7 that would help you:

A split-screen mode can be used:

There is no need of waiting for Android N for getting this split screen mode. All you need to do is tap the square button and look for double rectangle icon on the app. Some apps aren’t supportive of split screen mode.

See more icons simultaneously:

Do you wish that your home screen should have been bigger? Well, Samsung offers many app icons and would enable cramming of multiple icons on the single screen. After tapping and holding the spot on the home screen, customization options would be seen such as Screen Grid.

Control the camera completely:

Don’t mind scrolling through the apps for finding the camera. You can bring it instantly by double-tapping on the home Key and use volume keys for taking photos. Even Apple-Style Motion photos can be taken for capturing moments before and after the shot for giving little videos while tapping on them in Gallery.

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No interruption in gaming!:

Game Launcher is more than just a game launcher. It can be used for ensuring that notifications aren’t interrupting the gaming sessions. Gaming sessions can also be recorded for sharing it with others.

Dial the screen down on Galaxy S7:

Samsung is famous for its Super AMOLED displays, delivering an eye-popping color. However, not everyone enjoys these characteristics. So, an alternative is offered. All you need to do is go to Settings, then go to Display, Screen Mode and then opt for the Basic color profile. The Super Amoled is cooled down a bit.

Keep an eye on this space for more tips and tricks. Also, let us know below if you need more tips!

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