What Is ChitChat And Why Is It Sending Me Spam Texts?

*brrrrrzzzz* Your phone buzzes. You go to pick it up. Sigh! It’s not a message from your crush. “[A friend] added you on ChitChat ” it reads.  You ignore the text and continue with your life.

Half an hour later – two more friends have added you on this chat!

This goes on and on until you have received a message from all or at least half of your contacts.
And then you’re like –

After the fifth buzz we have to try and see what this app was all about.

What in God’s name is ChitChat?

It is an Android and iOS based app which you can download and chat with friends. The app seems rather old school in its chat interface. If you feel like you want to talk to random strangers online and you have some time to kill then you can join this platform.

On PlayStore the app has already had over 10,000 downloads. Perhaps they need Android 3.0 and Up to use it that is why it is compatible with most phones and so rapidly spreading like wildfire. We can see that the app has been rated 3.5 by 105 users on PlayStore.

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So why are we not downloading it?

If you click on the link which says ‘click here’ then it will send an SMS to all your contacts saying that you have joined ChitChat and ask them to join. This kind of activity is called SMS based growth hacking. New apps do it to gain more users.

Smart growth people have long avoided this tactic but it is very effective. Never mind the annoying text messages you receive every now and then.

You’re telling me it’s basically a virus? Yes!

So unless you want to be infected, you should stay away from such buzzes. In case you want to know who made it – it was a mobile app studio called SwipeLabs. They got featured in TechCrunch after they raised $6.5 million for their project.

Their previous projects included a photo sharing app and a furniture rental app called Fonzy. Both the apps have now disappeared.

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