What is Finstagram? Why Are People Switching To It?

Who are your basic followers on Instagram? Mine is filled with not just my Facebook friends but some of my very close relatives. Soon I dread my parents will follow me on Instagram. Before that, I will have to remove some of my “fun moments” with friends. It turns not it’ not just you or me. Millions of teenagers and 20-somethings are facing the same issue which led to the creation of Finstagram.

Meet Finstagram!

No, it isn’t another app. It is merely the name given to fake Instagram accounts that millennials are right now creating right now. These will have very chosen few Instagram followers, and the user will post his or her intimate selfies and “real” or “no filter” selfies on to it.


The usual rules and etiquettes do not apply here. In fact, people are not even posting to get likes in this account. They are simply creating new Instagram accounts to keep a journal and a chosen few are kept a witness to their very private moments here.

So the fake accounts are more real?

Yes! This is where people are posting their private jokes and sometimes awkward moments and selfies which they don’t want to share with their friends and family in their original accounts.

“So who are the followers you?” You might be wondering the Instagram followers are sending each other requests they want you to follow them. You know you are “the chosen one” if you have received an invitation from someone’s Finstagram account.

Instagram followers in double digits?

You might be worried if your main Instagram account has no more than 99 people, but you will be glad if only 20 people are following you on your Finstagram account. Yes, this is the trend that is going on – it began only since last year. The Gen Z who is right now in their teenage can be accredited with its creation.

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“You post things you wouldn’t want people other than your friends to see, like unattractive pictures, random stories about your day and drunk pictures from parties,” Amy Wesson, 18, a student at Trinity College in the US, with thousands of Instagram followers and about 50 Finstagram followers, told the New York Times.

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Even Instagram account holders in their 30s have started following this trend. A Londoner told Refinery 20, “A couple of my friends have started to use secondary private Instagram accounts. I took them following me to mean I was allowed to follow them back, so I did. I think I prefer their private posts. They’re more candid, random and opinionated than their ‘curated’ ones and therefore much more enjoyable.”

Some people miss the point of having two accounts

“Perhaps I’m missing a trick, but I don’t understand the secondary private account trend. Maybe if you’re a celebrity, it makes sense to have a more personal place where you can share candid images and ironic posts with your nearest and dearest, but if you’re a normal civilian I’m afraid I don’t understand the need for two accounts. But this is coming from someone who posts once a month on average, so I probably shouldn’t judge,” apparently a woman in her late 20s told the EveningStandard.

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