WhatsApp Change Number And Live Location Features Under Testing

In our last article, we already mentioned how WhatsApp is introducing a new feature to “unsend” the already sent messages. Once again, WhatsApp is going to share some new features with their users. Now you will get the new WhatsApp Change Number and live location feature on the updated version of WhatsApp. Now, it’s not difficult anymore to let users know that you have changed your number. No more broadcasting or sending your number individually to your friends. Apart from that WhatsApp also introduced the live location feature.

So how does the WhatsApp Change number feature work?

With the new WhatsApp Change Number feature, you can notify all your WhatsApp contacts at once. The feature was first spotted on the Windows 10 mobiles on WhatsApp beta tracker. You won’t lose any data or conversation after changing the number. You will get two options to choose from this feature, and they are as follows,

  • Share new number with all the contacts
  • Share new number with only those you chat
  • Apart from these two options, the new feature will automatically share your contact number to all the groups.

Well, this might be the first time it happened that an Android update was sent to the Windows phone before it came to Android devices. You need to be on the beta version to check the new feature. The beta version will allow you to get the new feature and try it, but it is not always as stable as the original versions available. Right now, we are not sure about the official release date of WhatsApp Change Number feature. But since they are testing this new feature we hope to get this soon.

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The other features in WhatsApp

Speaking of the other feature, you will get the live location just like Facebook and Google. You will be able to share your location with your friends or family. The feature is available for WhatsApp beta version 2.17.150. But right now it is disabled. The feature first came up in the iPhones in January where you could turn on your location and share it as broadcast so that your contacts can see you on a map.

You need to remember that not all the features in the beta version can make it to the final version. There are few more features in the pipeline too. For instance, the feature to send and receive money in WhatsApp is still not available in the final version. Let’s wait and see if the above features make it to the final version or not.

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