WhatsApp Multiple Contacts Sharing Feature Coming Soon

WhatsApp just keeps getting better and better. I guess the company has learned a good lesson after the Snapchat like status update feature failed. In our previous article, we mentioned how WhatsApp is planning to bring the digital payment services as a new feature. Now, Once again the company announced yet another feature called WhatsApp multiple contacts sharing. It will help you in sharing multiple contacts to a friend. Earlier you could share only one contact at a time. But now you have the option of sharing multiple contacts to a person at once.

You will find this feature in the new beta version of WhatsApp

From now, you won’t need to go back to WhatsApp contact list to share contacts repeatedly. You can now share many contacts and even their email details instantly. The feature will roll out to the users soon. At present, the WhatsApp beta versions 2.17.122 or 2.17.133 is having the feature.

You can also sign up as the beta tester. All you need to do is just sign in the Google Play Store, select the WhatsApp Messenger, go to the bottom and you will find the option of becoming a beta tester. Click on “yes I am in,” that’s it, you will be enrolled as the beta tester for WhatsApp in an hour.

How to use WhatsApp multiple contacts sharing feature?

So how are you going to use WhatsApp multiple contacts share feature? It is simple. Go to any contacts on your WhatsApp friends list, and then click on the attachment symbol. Now, you will see the contacts option below on right corner. Now you can tap to select all the contents you want.

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See, all the contacts will be aligned at the top. Now, click on the green arrow. It is the “go” for all the contacts you selected. For instance, if you choose five contacts and one of them is Jack, it will show you as “Jack and four other contacts.”

There is also another option of sending multiple contacts through WhatsApp. The limit is 200 contacts in one share. So you can open your phone contacts, selects the contacts you want to share and then click on “share” option and select WhatsApp. Choose the person you want to share the contacts and then click on the green arrow icon below. The multiple contacts sharing the feature of WhatsApp will work for both group chats and individual chats.

The WhatsApp multiple contacts sharing feature is quite useful especially if anyone wants multiple contact numbers from you. But if you want to share information to multiple contacts, then you have to follow the ancient method of sending contacts individually.

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