Apart From Video Calling, WhatsApp Gets 4 New Updates

Well, you just cannot deny that WhatsApp is one of the best and most used messaging apps at present. In the last month, it received a major update of video calling. And this time, the developers have come up with a whole bunch of updates. The updates include video streaming, image editing, two-step verification, converting into GIFs. With these updates, it will become more relevant to the users. These features will give a real competition to Japanese and South Korean apps like Line and Kakao Talk. Now, WhatsApp will gain popularity in those regions. Since video calling is not the only feature and update of WhatsApp, let’s have a look at the new features. And one more thing, WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, for those who didn’t know about it.

1. Video streaming:

Well, till now, if you got a video in WhatsApp, you had to wait for it. But now, the process has changed completely. You can play video even if it is still downloading. Yes! That is possible. The video streaming feature makes it possible to watch the video even if it is still downloading. It is just like the YouTube streaming. Once the video is downloaded, it is saved on phone memory. So, with this new feature, you won’t have to wait for a long time once you receive a video.

2. Image Editing:

In social media apps, the option to edit photos is famous. And Snapchat introduced this feature for the first time. But this is available for a lot of other apps too. And that includes WhatsApp. With this new feature, you can edit, add a text, and add a caption and also emojis on the photos. The options will show once you click on the images or pick them up from WhatsApp media. It is a great update.

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3. Two-step verification for WhatsApp

Security is another concern. With updates, security should also be enhanced. WhatsApp is already offering the end to end 256-bit encryption for all the sent and received messages. And one of its new updates has two-step verification. It adds a layer of extra security. It takes away the risk of someone else trying to use your mobile number to access your account. And you can enable this feature from Settings. Go to WhatsApp Settings, and then click on Account. Then again click on the ‘two-step verification.’ You will be directed to create a password that is linked to the mobile number. And this is the same mobile number of which you have the existing WhatsApp account. It prevents any random individual to get your number and access the WhatsApp account.

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4. Converting videos into Gif

The GIF images are very popular at present. Before, you could send and share any GIFs to your friends or in a group. But you didn’t have the option to create your GIFs. Now users have the feature of changing colors, emojis and adding texts. You can create GIFs of your own. With the video editing function, you can create short video clips to GIF images. To access the GIF feature, you need to long press and record a 6-second video on WhatsApp. You will get all the options for creating a GF image on the interface of the app.

So here we are guys! These are all the latest updates that this app received. Hope you will enjoy the features. Let us know what you think about these updates. Stay tuned for more!

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