Whatsapp Now Supports Formatting In Bold And Italics

WhatsApp has rolled out new features with which you can type content and customize them. You can view even notification alerts in italic and bold as part of the version 2.12.535 for Android. However, WhatsApp has now introduced several improvements in document file sharing with its incorporation of support for Google Drive.

More new features coming

As per reports, we know now that you can share the PDF, PowerPoint, or Word files from the Google Drive. Even if you upload a PowerPoint or Word file, it would automatically convert to a PDF format before sharing it on the messaging service.

Apart from the features mentioned above, a progress percentage is displayed whenever automatic local backup runs in the background. Even though the pop-up blocks the functioning of the app, the percentage would still be displayed so that users have an idea as to how much time would they have to wait before being able to use the app again.

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Another minor modification includes that no phone number would show up in the center or front of the new Settings screen. This profile section would see status, name, and photo.  As of now, there is no availability of this latest release for download from the website of the company, but it does show up on the Google Play as an OTA update for beta testers. For enrolling in this program, visit this website.

How to use bold, strike through and italics in WhatsApp?

These are the following symbols, within which when you present a word or a sentence they will have the following meaning –

Bold: *text*

Italics: _text_

Bold and Italics together: *_text_*

Strike through: ~text~

Remember – in the case of italics and bold and italics, you will have to use an underscore and not a minus or hyphen. You can easily convert them into this format on WhatsApp’s current version. 

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