WhatsApp UI Will Offer Snapchat Like Status Updates Feature

The WhatsApp developers are working on the minor changes to create more advanced UI on the “status” functionality. The company is working on a revamped feature from the last 3.5 months. The developers are constantly changing WhatsApp UI functionality based on the user feedback that they receive consistently.

Speaking of details, the company is working to offer a Snapchat like status update facility to the WhatsApp UI. The status updates will disappear after 24 hours. You will be able to add images, texts, videos on the status updates. Well, this feature seems identical to the Facebook status updates too.

The updates in WhatsApp UI

Apart from the above features, you will be able to know who checked out your status just like Snapchat. You can also forward the status updates to your contacts. The feature was already tested in November 2016, and the basic functionality is unchanged. WhatsApp is also working on minor changes to the UI of the Android app. The target is to bring it in line with the Google Material design guidelines.

One major change that you will see is the presence of the “Floating action button.” The action of the button will change depending on the “Tab” that you are. The button offers an option of “starting a new conversation” in the charts tab. It will also change into “Add new status” in the status tab. Finally, it turns into “start a new call” in the call tab.

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One more important feature or rather an update for WhatsApp UI is the option to attach files. It has moved down to the right side of “chat window.” The users can type their message there. There used to be an “attach files” button on top left corner. It is replaced by separate buttons for video and also the audio calls for quick access.

The new feature just arrived right after the company rolled out “two-step verification” for all the users. In the coming months, we are going to get these few updates in WhatsApp. So let’s wait and watch how it feels to use these updated features.

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