WhatsApp Will Bring Out The Old Status Feature And Rename It “Tagline”

You just cannot deny, millions of WhatsApp users burst in anger after it offered its new “status” update feature. The company finally decided to bring back the “Status” feature which allowed users to write text message as their status update. The feature will be renamed as “Tagline.”

On 23rd February, it rolled out the Status update. The feature will add a new tab on the app. It is similar to the chat tab, but people can share their photos in there. WhatsApp messenger also removed the old “status” update feature which was a part of the user profile.

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Opinions on “Status” update on WhatsApp messenger

Now, the leaked beta updates suggest, the Facebook-owned company will again bring back the text status feature. A Twitter account is known as “Wabetainfo” often leaks a lot of features about different apps. It confirmed, WhatsApp Messenger beta for iOS and Windows 2.17.82, the Tagline feature is added.

At the moment, the feature is hidden, but it will make a comeback soon. There are a lot of differences in opinion about the WhatsApp updates. A lot of people think that it is an additional update while others just want to get the older version back. Some even find the new WhatsApp messenger “status” update as funny.

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The Tagline in WhatsApp messenger does not indicate there will be any significant changes in the text “status” update feature. It will exist along the new status feature which allows users to post a small video or an image. It acts as the temporary status for the next 24 hours.

With the new Tagline update, the users will also have the “privacy settings” option. Well, considering the reactions of people about the update, we are not so sure how they are going to react. It would have been better if WhatsApp messenger kept the “status” feature same as the previous version and made updates by adding the features. Let’s see how the future update turns out.

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