Who’s In: iMessage App By Microsoft Launched

Microsoft’s name is not that popular when it comes to social networking, yet it has made some great developments in this arena especially in business socializing front. LinkedIn and Yammer are good examples. Did you hear the name of Social? You didn’t, right? That’s probably because it shut down last month. It was Microsoft’s attempt towards making a social network for the youth. Now Microsoft is back with a new iMessage app called Who’s In and you can download it here.

What’s new about Who’s In App?

The unique thing about this app is that you can schedule your day or any event with this app. Once you put in the information, it allows you to select users to vote the best time and place do these things.

Does this sound familiar? Perhaps it is because Google released a similar app called “Who’s Down.” The functionality was quite similar, but due to poor response, Google was forced to shut down that app. This app is just for iMessage, and it does not have iPhone or iPad versions yet.

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Functionality of the App

Once you open the app, you can see several options like “Eat and drink,” “watch a movie,” etc. and you have to choose them. You can also create your stuff to do. Once you have done the things, Bing prepares the list of the right things to see or do. For example, if you want to watch a good movie, it will show you where you can watch them. You can also get the details of the event’s time and location with the use of this app.

You need to give the app location permission to receive the suggestions. Who’s In is also a group polling app because the organizers can change the date and time of the event multiple times. It also helps you to send out event cards and see who is and who isn’t comfortable with the arrangement.

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