Why Does Donald Trump Have 3,643 Domain Names?

Donald Trump has several incidents that contributed to his online fame. However now it seems like the internet is truly crazy about him. He owns nearly 3,643 domain names and while some of them are fairly common like – TrumpEmpire.com, TrumpBuilding.org, TrumpOrgazination.com. There are others that are not so much – TrumpScam.com, TrumpNetworkmarketingFraud.com, TrumpPyramidScheme.com, etc.

Donald Trump’s 3,643 Domain names!

The number of domain name acquisitions seemed to be on the rise while he was on the race to the White House. By the end of it, he is the proud owner of nearly 4K domain names – according to CNN money.

CNN Money investigated the internet records worth 20 years using DomainTools which specifically tracks transfers and registrations. What they found was quite interesting. He has not only grabbed names like TrumpBuilding.org but also some domain names which can be used against him – TrumpFraud.org and TrumpScam.com.

Do these domain names reveal his agenda?

What’s more? It turns about that Donald Trump has a long history of buying site names before he even needs them. In 2009 after launching Trump Network, which was a multi level marketing system (which he also claimed was “recession proof”) he immediately scooped up these domain names – TrumpNetworkPonziScheme.com, TrumpNetworkFraud.com and TrumpPyramidScheme.com. This is the same business that he had to sell in 2012 due to allegations of fraud and Ponzi scheme. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

There were 157 such domains regarding Trump University. He acquired all of them before they could be used against him and the so called University shut down in 2011 due to fraud claims. Of course he settled all these claims before entering the white house. In face just two days before entering the house he settled these claims with a $25 million cheque.

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“You’re preparing yourself for defamation of character, that’s why you would buy this,” said Armando Martinez Jr. who works at a reputation management firm called SpiderBoost, to money CNN.

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Not only this, Trump seems to “announce” his intentions long before they are put into action. He simply buys these domain names pointing towards his actions. In 2012 he slyly bought VoteAgainstTrump.com, TrumpRussia.com, etc. which clearly showed his trend towards rising for the White House.

Not just this, Donald Trump is also very meticulous about grabbing the domain names. He picked up donaldtrumpsucks.com which belonged to Dan Parisi earlier. Yes Dan Parisi is the same person who ran WhiteHouse.com as a porn website earlier. He told Money CNN that he let the domain name lapse which is when Trump grabbed in sometime around Christmas Eve in 2014.

Is it a common thing?

Although it is a fairly standard practice for a business to buy domain names to keep them from detractors and for making it easier for the customers to find them, registering a domain is much easier than purchasing it from a squatter.

Even Elon Musk had to wait for 10 years before he got tesla.com from Stu Grossman who owned it since 1992. Similarly, Facebook was earlier “thefacebook.” All the .net and .orgs will redirect you towards Facebook.com today. Even Tech News Inc owns technewsinc.in, technewsinc.net, technewsinc.com and technewsinc.co.in. All of these will point you towards the home page.

Also, if you were wondering which one domain name Donald trump hasn’t owned yet, it is ImpeachTrump.com.

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