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Well, a lot of times it happens that we have to search for free Wi-Fi networks. And even if we get a free Wi-Fi after an hour, it comes with a lot of steps. And you are not alone. A huge number of people face this on a daily basis. Before there were no services to help you in this situation. But now there is. WiFire app lets you connect with free Wi-Fi. It can be anywhere. You can connect with just a single tap. This app works fine to find the Wi-Fi signals. This article is going to offer you the complete details of WiFire app. Check this out!

What does WiFire offer you?

The WiFire app is released by a Bangalore based Software Company. The company name is Mobstac. The app shows you all the available free Wi-Fi signals. And, it also does the tedious job of filling up the forms, and the OTP. So now you won’t have to worry about anything at all. You can use the free Wi-Fi hotspots within minutes. It will find out free Wi-Fi hotspots, fill the forms and pair with the hotspot exactly like your home.

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The app shows you how far you are from the Wi-Fi hotspot. Also, you will know the speed of the network. Yes, there are a lot of apps that does the same work. But some of them are spam while others crash down while working. A lot of such apps do not have a great database of Wi-Fi networks in India. But WiFire is best from all those apps.

Main project of WiFire app development

It is a part of the Digital India project initiated by PM Narendra Modi. A lot of free Wi-Fi services have popped up in stations, bus terminals and airports. A total budget of 7000 crores is set for this project to provide free Internet connectivity. If you are a resident of Connaught place in Delhi, you have typed the same credentials several times. But with the WiFire at your service, you won’t need to do that. It works like this. You visit a particular place and use the Wi-Fi hotspot with WiFire. You connect with it and WiFire stores all the information. The next time you won’t have to put the username and password again. So it makes your job easier. Connect with the free Wi-Fi with one single tap.

The major locations of Bangalore are already under this app. These areas include Tata Docomo and Ozone WiFi areas. Also, the Kempegowda International Airport, KFC, Starbucks, and McDonald’s has free WiFi. The KSRTC had already announced free WiFi at the bus stations last week. It is a great option, especially for the college kids to save their 3G and 4G data.

Features of WiFire

  • The app takes permission to switch WiFi on/off, read messages and needs a phone number or your name to sign up. It is a lot of personal data that you are providing this app. But this is necessary for all the other applications you use on your device.
  • Considering the look, feel, and interface, it is not the best-looking app. But it gets the work done. That’s All matters.
  • It can locate several WiFi networks that you are not aware. The estimate of speeds provided by this app is pretty accurate.
  • Users can now set the expiry time while sharing the Wi-Fi. And it also allows deleting the private networks from MyNetworks section.
  • The WiFire pops up important notifications if there is any. You won’t have to type in passwords several times from now.
  • There are awards, points, and badges you can earn if you add info on more such free Wi-Fi hotspots. By info we mean, you can add Wi-Fi network to its database. With the points, you can redeem them for t-shirts, mugs, and Wi-Fi routers. Thus, this WiFire app is a win-win situation for all.
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Probable cons of WiFire app

  • But there is a con in this app. It does not warn you about the dangers of open WiFi networks. It also does not offer tips to stay safe when logging into a public network. Since you are sending a lot of persona data, this can make you vulnerable to hackers. You can try and use a VPN for shielding sensitive data.
  • Also, since you are adding Wi-Fi networks in its database, there is a potential for misuse. Because the guests you have shared your password, can put your home Wi-Fi network in its database. But adding Wi-Fi network is optional, not mandatory.

Test and reliability result

The WiFi signals available in such locations are high enough. The testing phase of WiFire app included six locations in Mumbai and Bangalore. The tests showed the app is working great. The app works fine in railway stations, airports, and coffee shops. But this might not work in hotel WiFi networks. According to the developers, the app has more than 4500 WiFi networks throughout India. Outside India, WiFire shows networks at the Starbucks, airports, and few locations in Singapore.

For the iOS users

This app is perfect for those traveling to India from foreign. They do not have a local SIM. So they can tap into an open Wi-Fi network and contact their families. The WiFire is also available for the iOS. The latest version for iOS is v3.14.3 WiFire. You can have the following with iOS WiFire App:

  • Connect to more than 3500 reliable Wi-Fi networks
  • Share the Wi-Fi without sharing the passwords
  • Check the speeds and rate the favorite Wi-Fi network
  • Auto-fill web forms for login at public places
  • Sync the favorite networks

The app is useful for both the Android and iOS users. Particularly for the travelers who are in search for free Wi-Fi connections.

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