Microsoft Announced Windows 10 Creators Update with Paint 3D

At today’s event, the Microsoft revealed a lot of details about the next release of Windows 10, called the “Creator’s Update.”. It started by showing the 3D version of print which was previewed earlier this month. We can now scan objects in the real world and turn them into 3D manifestation of the image we view. According to Saunders, this innovation is for everyone making the user look and usability more real like as we can change and view what we see in the real world.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Creators Update

The new app lets you scan real objects and get them into Paint as a full 3D object. With the 3D paint application, we can now create real life 3D models and use them as we need. We can also pick up objects in 3D from the community that Microsoft Edge integrates itself to. The community has a wide variety of 3D templates which we can use for our ease. After our creation is complete, we can vie this is full 3D having a 360-degree access to every part of our nature. This can very well be the future of augmented reality along with the help of virtual reality.

Windows 10 Experience:

This was further enhanced with the use of Microsoft HoloLens which can create any digital 3D representation into a real-life 3D model making it lifelike. We can explore content with the HoloLens in real time which can brief us about what it’s going to be in real life. Like the real life example that was given to us in the even in the case of buying new furniture; we can view it in as a hologram even before we buy it and can decide whether or not we will buy it or not.

Microsoft has also partnered with HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and ASUS to introduced a range of VR headsets. These VR headsets start at $299 with innovative built-in sensor technology for more flexibility and easy, marker-free set-up. It will be coming in 2017.

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Even with the HoloLens, we can almost about teleport ourselves to the desired destination. Even we can explore it at our will. The 3D experience is intuitive and can find a broad range of usage in many ways of our life. We can create life like experience for with this app to give our ideas a new dimension.

Microsoft has partnered with SketchUp to enhance its 3D library and community. Therefore, it has full access to the library of 3D images and rendering of objects in SketchUp.


Windows 10

Microsoft HoloLens

It is the world’s first fully self-functional holographic image viewer. This combines the power of Arduino and virtual reality to create graphic 3D pictures of the 2D subjects we see in the digital world. We can interact with these 3D projections as and when needed. It’s a revolutionary device by Microsoft in augmented reality. A bit on the pricey side but it’s the future we had been looking up to. The HoloLens integrates with the native Microsoft apps alongside other third party apps supporting 3D content.


Windows 10 creator’s update also adds this 3D integration to apps like the PowerPoint and many others. Other third party developers and Microsoft will be rolling out new compatible apps shortly. Microsoft also announced the integration of Dolby Atmos making it more realistic in Windows 10.

Overall looking at the changes and innovation brought into light by Microsoft it’s a very welcoming change for our future generation. Now it’s up to the users as to how they adapt to the modification.

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