Wine 2.0 Comes With Improved Mac Compatibility And Microsoft Office Support

Wine is a free and open source toolkit that allows Windows software to run on the UNIX-based operating systems. So, Wine gets the upgraded to Wine 2.0 version. It will come with Mac compatibility of 64-bit software and also Microsoft Office 2013 support. Apart from that, the update also offers several more features.

Those who do not want to use the Windows or they have licensing issues. Still, they have to use the Windows; they can use this one without worrying. It is also popular among the Linux users. For the Mac users, this one is a to-go tool. Mac is developed on UNIX.

What’s new?

The new version of Wine 2.0 offers 6600 changes. This one is the result of more than one year’s work. The Wine can translate calls to the Windows APIs and DLL dependencies into instructions which the UNIX OS can understand. Here is what the Wine 2.0 offers other than Mac compatibility and Microsoft office support.

  • Improved font handling and graphics
  • Enhanced clipboard with drag and drop support
  • Better system tray notifications
  • Better support for non-English language
  • More graphics card support and the Direct3D support is also expanded

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Other additional features of Wine 2.0

The other additional features of this software offer Mac OS graphics driver retina rendering mode, display resolutions like 640*400 and 1280*960 supported in desktop mode, GStreamer version 1.0 support for audio and video, Web services API supported, Uninstallation support in MSI improved and loading multiple kernel drivers in the same user-mode process.

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The features are deferred to the next development cycle. The release numbers are changed as well. The new stable releases will be numbered as 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and like this. The next major stable release is Wine 3.0. You can get the Wine 2.0 source code, and the binary downloads are available in official website of Wine HQ.

There are much more games that work Wine 2.0 than the previous version. The developers say some features might face delay. These functions include Direct3D developments, full support for Windows Human Interface Device Hardware Profile and the Android Graphics Driver. The plain and straightforward benefit of using Wine over any dual booting virtualization is you can run the Windows application in your computer’s native OS as a regular app. It is faster than dual booting and offers more seamless experience if you have to run a single app quickly.

It is why Wine is not only famous among the Mac and Linux users for developing software, but it is also popular for those who have to run new software. As wine is famous for running the Windows-only games in Mac and Linux boxes, the additional graphic support is loved by gamers.

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