With Aadhaar Card Verification, You Can Activate Mobile Connection For Free!

R.S Sharma, the chairman of Trai on Friday stated that the cost of getting a mobile connection activated can come down to 0 if there is implementation of electronic KYC. This is because its authentication is going to be done digitally.

He stated that there would be a substantial reduction in the cost if Aadhar is used for authentication. Currently, the cost of a mobile connection is around Rs.150 since a CAF or Customer Acquisition Form has to be filled and paper documents have to be given. If digital identity authentication is used, the customer form can be filled, signed digitally and get the electronic KYC. Therefore, the cost would be 0.

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Recommendations have been made by Sharma to this effect and it has been apparently accepted by the latter. After the norms are finalized by the government, instant identity verification would be enabled using Aadhaar card bio-metric data. When Aadhar card is used for issuing new connections, the speed would increase a lot, when it comes to verification.

However, the big gap is between technology and its implementation.

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