VR App by IKEA Gives the Feel of Real Kitchen Before Buying

IKEA has made a VR experience app for helping the potential kitchen buyers in their decision. With this IKEA VR experience, available on Steam, you can view the kitchen design offerings of the company from a different perspective. Also, this would allow for changing the color of the cabinet as well as the drawer with a click.

IKEA VR idea

What is cooler that it gives an option of modifying the height down to around 100 cm tall and also helps in experiencing a kitchen in an actual way. Currently, it is in a pilot program, which would continue till August and would be available for HTC Vive.

It also gives ideas to the users as to how to use the new tech further. IT Manager for IKEA Communications, Martin Enthed states that they see IKEA VR Experience as an opportunity for co-creating with people all across the globe. They hope that people would make a contribution to the VR development as they would submit ideas on how to make the VR  usage better. Also, ideas on how to utilize the Virtual Reality are welcome.

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Developers’ Take

The app was developed with contribution from French Company Allegorithmic. They have used Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games to develop this system together with HTC and Valve. If you have any feedback or any ideas to help improve this system, you can submit the same at VRDevelopment@IKEA.com.

Through this development, IKEA is exploring the possibilities for improving the home environment – to make it suitable for day to day usage. There are several things within the kitchen that one would want to have. Sadly, it is not until you actually get the kitchen that you realize that it is too small for your taste. The same thing goes for this system which actually helps you make the choices first.

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