Free Your iPhone’s Storage Space With This One Trick

Have you also been struggling with less storage space on your iPhone? Apparently, you can go around and use a lot of apps, but when it comes to deleting them, it’s utterly conflicting. I felt the need to use some tricks when Facebook hoarded a lot of my internal memory. If you have tons of apps and an upgrade to the next model is just out of the question then this post is for you.

How to increase storage space?

With this unusual hack, the storage space on the iPhone can dramatically increase. With these trick, you can free up gigabytes of space on the phone and this is quite handy especially if you are using a low-capacity device.

For seeing this trick in action, all you need to do is go to Settings, then go to General, then About and then scroll to ‘Available’.

Check the storage that is left and head to iTunes store. Search for a film which is bigger than the space left on the phone. Say for example Lord Of The Rings. Then click on the option ‘Rent’ on top. Obviously, if you don’t have room, you wouldn’t be charged at all. There would be an error box that says that you don’t have enough space available.

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After clicking ‘Ok’ go back to settings and check the storage that is available. It would have gained around 4 GB space in few tries. It is unclear as to how this available space is increased, but it seems that the attempted download might cause the phone to clear the caches.

This process which happens on the phone is constant. It happens automatically once the device runs low on space. With this trick, the phone has a cleanout and lot of space is freed up in one go.

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