Wow! Facebook Messenger Has Got These New And Exciting Features!

Yesterday, Facebook announced that the Messenger voice calling and messaging app has around 900 million active users now. Now, new features have been announced such as links, usernames and messenger codes which would help Messenger improve the chat experience as well as help in removing friction.

Since years now, Facebook is quite focused on messaging clients. While the company is enjoying 1 billion monthly active users already on WhatsApp, good growth is seen in Messenger too. Interesting features have been received such as sending money to friends and M AI.

The company states that with Usernames, Links and codes features, it would be easy for businesses and customers to talk with each other. In a blog post the company wrote that from today they are delivering new solutions to over 900 million people who are using Messenger each month. There is no need of being friends on FB and there is no need of having a phone number.

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Now, links of Messenger account can be shared by users. With this, users can get an ability of picking up a username and this would make users easy to connect and start conversation.

Messenger codes are being introduced for businesses which can be used for improving discoverability. The code can be scanned with the help of the camera and more information can be found quickly. There would also be Messenger greetings that would appear in the message thread of the business.


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