Xiaomi Announces The New Mi TV 3S At Beijing’s Media Conference!

At a Beijing’s media conference on Wednesday, Xiaomi announced the Mi Tv 3S. This is the latest addition to the growing TV lineup of the company. Again, there are two variants of the Mi TV 3S.  One is a 43 inch flat FHD panel, and the other is a 65-inch curved 4K panel. The price of the 65-inch version is Rs. 82,500. Currently, you can buy it only in China. On the other hand, the cost of the 43 FHD variant is Rs. 18,500.

News about Mi TV 3S

The curved version has a 65-inch display and 4K resolution which Samsung has manufactured. Xiaomi adds that this is a very slim TV and measures only 5.9mm. Being powered by Mstar 6A928 TV processor, the internal storage capacity is 8GB and is coupled by 2GB of RAM.

It is supportive of Dolby DTS audio-dual decoding as well. Both the models will run on Android and the MIUI will also conform to the same. A spokesperson of the company assures that the users will get the best experience from this device.

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Xiaomi was earlier just a software company, but not, it expands aggressively to other products as well. Over one-year, the company has shown active interest in entertainment and TV spaces. Last, year, the company was in headlines when its Android-powered Mi TV 2 was launched with a 55-inch 4k Display at a price of $800. Since then, it has launched various TV sets, including Mi TV 3. The latest launch from the brand is  “Mi Box 3 Enhanced Edition TV.”


The Mi TV 3S standard edition features a 65-inch Samsung True 4K display that runs on a 5th generation HD engine. There is hardware decoding, and DTS surround sound to support it. It also comes with a wireless 5G connectivity, stunning bass, and a treble. All of this is going to redefine the way we watch television.

Xiaomi Mi TV 3S

Xiaomi Mi TV 3S

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