Xiaomi Now Makes One Phone Every Second In India

Whenever we think about Xiaomi phones, we get the impression that it is a Chinese phone. We cannot seem to shake off the “from China” tag off from these phones anymore. But that is not true anymore because everyday Xiaomi produces lakhs of phones in India.

Xiaomi Now an India-Based Company?

Xiaomi has recently revealed that more than 95% of the phones sold in India are made in India. As you know, the company has announced that a new manufacturing plant will open in Vizag. The VP and MD of Xiaomi India, Manu Jain, declared that most Xiaomi phones are made in India now.

Not just that, they have also announced that they have employed over 5000 people. 90% of their workforce is women. Xiaomi has always strived to create budget smartphones with good features. Most smartphones with its basic features costs around Rs. 10,000 in the country. At the same place, Xiaomi comes forward with a Rs. 5,999 phone. The same happened with its latest Redmi 4A. You get 2GB RAM, 16GB internal (expandable up to 128GB) and 13MP camera with 3150 mAh battery at Rs. 5,999 only.

Xiaomi Faces Tough Competition

Competitive prices and the high-quality features have made these phones popular. It does not mean that they are the sole producers in the Indian market. They consistently face stiff competition from Huawei, Gionee, and Micromax. Gionee is gearing up to create a strong market presence. They feel that establishing themselves as a strong brand is the need of the hour. This is why they are targeting the next IPL to create high brand awareness. The company aims to break into the top 5 brand segment this year.

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Micromax, on the other hand, is working on something that is a lot more focused. Since they are a domestic smartphone company, they are aware of the country’s pulse. The latest fascination with the 4G phones is moving the market. Thus Micromax is currently focusing on manufacturing Bharat 2 4G VoLTE smartphones.

This phone is all set to cost less than Rs. 2000. It will be the cheapest 4G phone in the market if Lyf handsets are not announced earlier. The company plans to sell some 5-6 million units of these phones. Micromax is playing a long game by establishing itself as the lower price range seller. Xiaomi phones are a better with features, and they usually target a higher price segment.

Closer to victory

Where Xiaomi’s Chinese market fell by 36 percent, its Indian market crossed the $1 billion mark. This happened just within two years in the country. Right now the company has two manufacturing plants in the country. And it makes one phone every second.

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