Xiaomi Mi Air Mask – Perfect Mask to Beat Pollution

Xiaomi launched Mi Air Mask yesterday in China to battle against pollution.

Xiaomi ecosystem produced mettlesome fame by revolutionising the mobile industry. The company started building phones which were enhanced with quality features and were cheaper than any other company. This “cheap and best” policy has been the main mantra for the success of this Chinese company.

Now this Chinese maker is gearing up itself to serve humankind by fighting against pollution. Xiaomi has recently launched a spree of products related to air purification. The most recent gift given by the company is its hi-tech air mask which guarantees people of fresh air amid life-threatening smog and pollution.

The launch came at a time when both Beijing and Delhi have crossed the hazardous red line of pollution and smog. In the result, the demand for air purifiers and Air Masks have humongous raised. Companies have started encashing the situation by manufacturing medicated masks and air purifiers. Since most people, these days are coming out of their house with a mask attached to their face, to safeguard themselves against menacing poison spread in the air.

Standard cloth masks are useless, since they can encounter massive dust particles to enter the nose, but cannot filter the finer dust particles which are more lethal for our respiratory system. To solve this problem, Xiaomi has developed an epic Mi Air Mask with PM 2.5 Nano Filter and rechargeable battery. Unfortunately, this mask is only launched in China, and there is no sign showed by the company to launch this product shortly in the Indian market, which is battling against the dangerous level of pollution after the thick smog shrouded entire capital city for a couple of days.


The Mi Air Mask just comes in one shade, that is dark grey shade and draws its inspiration from Mi Air Purifier. The mask is made up of Polyester, a great fabric textile. It weighs little 50.5gms which make it comfortable to carry.

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Furthermore, the mask encases within it a fan with an air purifier. It has a 99 percent success rate in eradicating PM 2.5 pollutants which have been scientifically proved to be the most harmful for our lungs.

The Extravaganza of Xiaomi Mi Air Mask

The speciality and extravaganza provided by the mask are that it comprises a small device which is placed on the right side of the mask. The Mi Air Mask encases Ultra-thin fan and a powerful N95 air filter.

The fan comes with three different speeds which enhance your breathing experience easier. Furthermore, you have the option to on or off the fan, as per your requirement. Additionally, the Xiaomi Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask fan comes with a knob type filter cartridge. It also keeps track of personal air volume memory.

The magical N95 Filter comprises four layers of Nanoparticles, which can be replaced after their quality deteriorates.

The device is powered by a powerful Lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged with the use of a micro-USB port. The company claims that the battery lasts up to 4 to 8 hours on a single charge.


Xiaomi Mi Air Mask is a crowdfunding project. It is priced at 99 CNY which translated to Indian rupee costs Rs 900 in India.

The Xiaomi Mi Air Mask is launched only in China. So, It will be a strong contender in the mask market with its unique advanced technology. However, its availability in the Indian market is still unknown which is battling against pollution.

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