Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Launched In China: Foldable In 3 Seconds

Well, we saw the discovery and development of the electric cars this year. But Xiaomi came up one step ahead with the self-balancing foldable electric scooter. Yes! It has got a lot of features. Last year Xiaomi came up with the first “self-balancing” bike in October. And this year in June, the company launched Qicycle electric folding bike. The company is not new to the world of electric cars. Now it has come up with a self-balancing foldable electric scooter. It launched the scooter on MIJIA crowdfunding platform in China. In this article, we are going to unravel the complete details about the Xiaomi Mi foldable electric scooter. It folds in just three seconds with the press of a button.

Performance of Xiaomi Mi electric scooter

The Foldable electric scooter comes with a grade aluminum alloy body apart from the foldable design. The bike is priced by the company at CNT 1999. And this is roughly around Rs 19500. It will be available in the retail market from December 15. The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter has a max speed of 25 Kmph. It has a maximum torque of 16Nm through the DC motor. It comes with the LG 1850 EV- Lithium ion battery with a battery capacity of 280Wh. The battery will last for 30 Kms with a load of 75 kg. The scooter comes with an instantaneous power supply of 500W. There is also an E-ABS, the anti-lock braking system available in the front wheel. You will get the double disc brake system. It makes sure that the scooter will halt quickly in a smooth way.

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Specifications and features

The Mi electric scooter is foldable in just a press of a button. It will take three seconds for compressing itself. The electric scooter comes with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System which converts the Kinetic Energy to the electrical energy. It enhances the battery life of the scooter. The users will have the option of adjusting the value of this energy recovery system with an app. You can connect the scooter with your smartphone through Bluetooth. It will allow you in tracking the speed, battery life, and health. The scooter weighs just 12.5 Kg, and this is why it can be carried to any place with ease. The Mi scooter is available in White and Black color variants. Though the company didn’t announce whether it has release plans for any other countries, like other Xiaomi products, it will be available in China.

The scooter is an eco-friendly product. Though, we are not sure that whether the product is limited and exclusive to China for now. Xiaomi is also looking for some changes in the global pricing and the availability details.

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