Xiaomi Smartshoes With 90 Minute Battery And Intel Processor Launched

Now, this is the second time for Xiaomi. The first time Xiaomi smartshoes were launched, those were able to track wearer’s step and give valuable information about the wearer’s health. The Chinese company came up one step ahead this time.

Intel will power the Xiaomi smartshoes, and these smartshoes will have a battery backup of 90 minutes. There are very few smartphone companies who can shift to other smart gadgets. Xiaomi mobiles are also one of the best budget mobiles in the world; there is no doubt about it.

Specifications of Xiaomi smartwear

These smartshoes are called the “90 minutes Ultrawear Smart Sportswear” shoes. The new pair comes with the Intel’s Curie Chip. It also offers the users with a more detailed information like the total distance traveled, calories burnt and much more. A Shanghai-based tech company, Runmi, collaborated with Xiaomi to prepare these shoes.

These Xiaomi smartshoes come with a 60-day battery life. The Intel Compact Curie chip stores the complete fitness data. Professional runners will feel more comfortable in these shoes. But any normal individual can also buy it to keep their health in check.

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Features of Xiaomi smartshoes

The shoes come with arch design, anti-skid features, they can also detect movements accurately. You can use these shoes for walking, running and also for climbing. These Xiaomi smartshoes are available in black and blue. If you are interested in more fashionable colors, then you can also check out the pink color. There are special blue editions that glow in the dark.

The shoes come at a price of CNY 299 in China. It is roughly around Rs 2900 in India. The company’s crowdfunded Mija Platform is offering it from Mi-Home website. The shipments will start from 15th April. At present these shoes are solely available in China only. Well, this one appears to be a solid offering from the company at a high price.

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