Xiaomi Toy Block – A Lego like Robot Enchanted with Technology

Xiaomi is all set to launch its tech-inspired Lego-like robot named Toy Block.

Xiaomi has always fascinated the world with its affordable and quality technology. In fact, this Chinese company has evolved from just a startup into a Tech trendsetter. The company has already showcased its supremacy and dominance in the mobile world with their record breaking vehement sales in the presence of strong competitors itself in China.

After achieving such an opulent success in the mobile world, this company extended its magnitude and leveraged its operations by building several tech gadgets like Mi bands, Speakers even Air Purifiers and vacuums. But this was not enough for such an endeavoring tech giant. So to make a big dent in tech toys market, the company has manufactured a Robot called Toy Block.

The news that company is building Robot was revealed by a recent post on Weibo by Xiaomi’s Lei Jun. He told on a post that the firm is currently working on to build a building block robot, basically called Toy Block.


To Lego-inspired plastic toy robot which breaths on the latest technology. The robot can be assembled to take different avatars and can be controlled with an app. The box which encases Toy Block comes with a Kit which will come with various integral components like wheels, gears, and chains, to enchant your moveable robot to come to life. In addition to that Xiaomi claims that all parts of the robot are made of non-polluting secure raw material.


As per Xiaomi the robot will be powered by an ARM Cortex-M3 chip and will come with sensors such as a gyroscope and be able to keep itself upright. The structure will be stable enough to hold up to 3kg while moving forward, its website claims. Along with that , the robot comes with four USB Type-C interface for Android-powered smartphones, while also driving other expansion devices.

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Toy Block App

Toy Block

Toy Block App

In addition to all enchantments which this robot has received, one of the best magic added by Xiaomi to this smart robot is that it can be controlled by your little rectangular slab with the help of an app. The app allows users to set a sequence of moves of the robot as per personal comfort. The app comes with three kinds of control mode. Which are joystick mode, gyro control and path mode (essentially GPS). The app allows modular graphic programming, which allows users to give complex command code, which they can learn through a tutorial on the app.

The Toy Bock can be seen on Xiaomi’s official website, along with required details. Like how the robot works and of course how it looks. Price set for this robot is 499 Yuan (as per website) and translated to Rupee it will cost you Rs. 5000. Also, Lei Jun in his post announced that the robot will go on sale on November 11 in China.

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