Xolo Era 1X Review: Is It The Best 4G Phone Under 5000 INR?

When it comes to buying mid range phones we always look for average features. But with the introduction of Reliance Jio 4G, there’s been a new urgency to purchase a good 4G handset. Reliance Jio has extended its welcome offer to 30th June. Airtel has started providing 4G SIMs with attractive offers. The future is clear – you need a new phone and you need it within a mid-price range. So when my phone broke, obviously I went looking for a 4G phone for the time being and Xolo Era 1X seemed to be the best among them all. This is how –

Xolo Era 1X – Sturdy Design and Standard display

At Rs. 5149, this phone features a 5-inch IPS display with 1280×720 pixels resolution which translates to 294 ppi approximately – not bad for viewing at different angles. Surely, it is not a stunner, when compared to similar range phones, but it does make it up with the design.

It is available in two color variants – chocolate brown and gold, and black and gun metal. The edges are a little wider, which means the chance of “accidentally slipping” from the hand is very unlikely. It has a bar-like design which could definitely be improved. But the grasp-ability and the 5-inch disposition make up for it.

Xolo Era 1X – Software and Vanilla UI

It runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0. If you are like me and looking for Android Marshmallow in a 4G phone in the sub-5K price range, then you will have a hard time looking for any other phone but this one. No other phone packs these two features within the Marshmallow system. Also the Vanilla UI makes the phone run smoother. Together the UI and the OS back each other perfectly and what you get is a smooth operation.

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Xolo Era 1X – 8GB Storage, Performance and More

This phone has 8GB of storage (expandable up to 32GB) out of which 4GB comes with inbuilt apps and Android. So you have about 3.7GB or 4GB to use (which can be extended with microSD), which means that you cannot download a lot of apps. But considering the price, it is forgivable.

Talking about performance, the phone features 1GB RAM with 1.3 GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC9830 SoC. Here’s where the catch comes. The 1GB RAM is unable to support a lot of apps running together and therefore when you run Facebook, WhatsApp and Google side by side, expect some lag. Gaming wise the phone has basic gaming features but there are no heating issues.

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Xolo Era 1X – Camera and Battery

For a 5-inch phone, the batter capacity of 2500 mAh should be average. But the phone runs out on battery after 12 hours of persistent 4G data usage. However, Xolo Era 1X is the only phone in this price range that offers Dual LED capture in this price range. Camera usage depletes the battery the fastest, after gaming. The 8MP rear camera shoots good photos in good lights with nice detailing. The front 5MP camera gives a good picture with dual LED, but sometimes makes the subject yellow in color.

Xolo Era 1X – Bottom Line

If you are looking for a 4G phone in this price range, then go with this phone because this is your best bet. If 4G is not your prime concern then opt for Panasonic P66 Mega which has better features than this phone and costs about 300 rupees more.

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