Xolo Era 2X Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Priced around 6K, Xolo Era 2X is yet another stunner in the market in the mid-range. With the success of Xolo Era 1X in the Indian market, the company is looking to expand and give some exclusive features tailored to the needs of the population here.

At this price range, most brands offer the same features. But Xolo Era 2X comes with a 3GB RAM, and hence makes heads turn. Do we get something more in this phone? Does it have something that other phones don’t? Let’s find out.

Xolo Era 2X – Design, build, display

Coming to design, you will just feel like you are holding a KitKat in your hand. The bar-like design has no new edge to it. But just like Xolo Era 1X, it has wide bezels. We can see that instead of going with a modern appeal, Xolo has gone with a utility approach when it comes to the design.

The 5-inch display has good color saturation, though and it looks pretty crisp with 16M colors. There is a color shift at wide angles, but the sunlight visibility is better than most devices. The display has a max luminescence of 550 lux at this price range. We’ve found that it is one of the best displays in this price range.

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Xolo Era 2X – Hardware and performance

Xolo Era 2X comes with MediaTek MT6737 1.3 GHz quad-core SoC. You can experience a smoother performance since it is backed by a 2GB RAM, (you can get the newer version with 3GB RAM). You cannot do intense gaming here. While gaming, the temperature went up to 42 degrees. But if you are to use it for watching videos or movies, or if you keep the LTE or Wi-Fi on, you don’t experience any lag in performance or heating issues.

With 16GB of internal storage, you have a lot of memory to download a bunch of apps (12GB approx). So you can run many apps simultaneously, but you can also experience some lag when you have opened numerous apps.

Xolo Era 2X – Software and Usage

Xolo Era 2X is not an upgraded version of the UI in 1X. So you get pretty much the same UI you got in its predecessor. But if you remember we quite liked the Vanilla UI and seeing that it is consistent here as well, we think that it works well for the price range. Combine that with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and you have an excellent running interface.

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What is the best part? Unlike most phones in this price range, Era 2X does not have a hefty UI. The experience is just like stock Android phones and the interface looks like that too. The rear fingerprint scanner also works within a few seconds to lock the apps. You get a third party dialer, the entire JIO suite and a few more apps with it.

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Xolo Era 2X – Camera and battery

The camera quality is average even with an 8MP rear and 5MP front shooter. But this phone can shoot 720p videos and the video quality is pretty good. The phone takes some clear shots even during low light, but the best performance is seen during more light. Indoor shots are good with the rear camera, not with the front camera.

Talking about battery, this phone comes with a 2500 mAh battery backup. In this power, you can constantly keep using it for 3 to 5 hours doing heavy gaming in full brightness and high powered usage. With 1 hour of gaming, the battery comes down by 22-25 per cent. It takes 3 hours to get the charge from 10% to 100%. So nothing so fancy about the battery – it’s pretty average.

Xolo Era 2X: Final Verdict

Overall Xolo Era 2X is an average phone with some good specs. For Rs. 7499 you get 3GB of RAM while for Rs. 6666 you get 2GB RAM. So considering the prices you are spending, the features are pretty okay. The lower price variant is value for the price. But the 3GB variant fails to make any impression because it does not make sense to spend so much for a quad core at this price range.

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