You Would Love This Exchange Scheme By OnePlus Which Offers Rs.16,000

OnePlus, the Chinese tech startup announced an exchange and buyback programme. Under this scheme, around 16,000 off can be availed in exchange of old smartphones for a new OnePlus X, OnePlus 2 or OnePlus One. For this offer, OnePlus has partnered with Amazon and ReGlobe.

All that needs to be done is ordering any of these 3 OnePlus smartphones from Amazon and note down the Order ID for getting the final quote of OnePlus smartphone that is ordered. Then, the contact details can be entered after which ReGlobe would get in touch with you for picking the old smartphone. The cash would be obtained back directly from ReGlobe during pick up.

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Meanwhile, OnePlus is already working on OnePlus 3 smartphone. The launch of OnePlus 3 would be in the 2nd quarter of this year as per OnePlus’ founder. Although no detail was given about the handsets that are upcoming, he mentioned that this model would be captivating users as the 1st handset. OnePlus 3 would be featuring a new design and this is a hint to users that they shouldn’t expect anything like OnePlus 2.

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