YouTube Hate Contents Causing Google Ad Revenue

AT&T and Verizon are one of the biggest advertisers in the US. But these two companies are pulling down ads because of the hate speech issue. The complaint from AT&T and Verizon is, Google and YouTube hate speech issue is not resolved. The companies are not doing enough to stop the hate speech issue. Among other brands, Johnson and Johnson also joined AT&T and Verizon in this matter.

On 21st March, Google search engine came up with a statement. It indicates Google will put down every “hateful, offensive and derogatory” content. But this is not the brands wanted to hear. They wanted specific measures and zero risks if Google and YouTube want their ads on any content.

Effect of Google and YouTube hate speech issue on other brands

Google and YouTube were already under siege in Europe in last week. Reports claimed brands advertising appeared next to extremist material and other offensive content on YouTube in roughly two million sites. About YouTube hate speech, Google already defended and said it prevents ads which are placed on websites automatically from running in inappropriate material.

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Several advertisers, who are seeking more accountability, also pulled off some ad spending. The issue is also with taking hold of the American advertisers. Verizon mentioned it suspended all the digital non-search advertising inventory after it came to know the ads were appearing on the non-sanctioned websites.

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AT&T said they are deeply concerned about their ads with YouTube hate speech contents. Until Google can ensure it won’t happen again, they will remove all their ads from Google nonsearch platforms. The investigation by The Times of London also discovered that other companies like McDonald’s, Toyota and Audi pulled advertisement from Google properties.

Google search engine confirmed it would work to resolve the issues through a combination of stricter rules. They will also improve automated manual moderation procedures. They are reviewing their advertisement policies as well. Google will rise bar for the ads policies to safeguard the advertisers and brands from any terrorism or hate speech related issues.

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