YouTube Introduces Double Tap Feature To Fast Forward

I don’t know if you have come across this, although if you are a smartphone user, I’m almost certain you have. When you are watching a video on YouTube on your phone, and you find a part boring, and you just want to skip to the forward part, so you pull the drag down. But in doing so, you are either too ahead or too behind.

It is such a big hassle. You can never come to the right spot on your YouTube video.YouTube seems to have taken notice. Now you can double tap on the video to fast forward on your smartphone app.

Available only in full-screen mode

When you’re watching it on a small screen mode, the screen is too small to be tapped any manner. Plus there’s always a chance you are pressing on the next button to play the next video. So YouTube enabled this on the full-screen mode where you can press (double tap rather), either the left or right side of the screen.

If you tap on the right side, you can go 10 seconds forward. So, tapping left side twice will take you 10 seconds behind. It is a small but a handy addition which has been rolled out for all iOS and Android phones.

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Update YouTube to Avail

Although it is available for Android and iOS, expect it to be rolled out at different paces in different parts of the world. You can update your app to try and see it for yourself. We tried taking a screenshot, but the screen movement was too fast.

Some users are also saying that it is available on iPhone but not on iPad yet. So you may have to wait until it becomes available to all devices.

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Slowdowns of Interface

Although this feature is beneficial for many, some users are finding it rather annoying because the interface has slowed down rather drastically. Also, the switch that allows you to go to full-screen mode has also slowed down.

This is bugging some users. So this new feature may take some time to get refined. It may just be a good thing it hasn’t released on all devices yet.

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