YouTube Super Chat: New Way To Support Live Streams

YouTube launched one more feature, and this is going to help the content creators earn more money while connecting with their fans directly. This feature is called the ‘Super Chat’ facility. This feature is identical to another live streaming site called Twitch.

That site has cheering feature. It allows the viewers to pay the real money so that their messages can stand out in the stream of chats. You can use emoticons for your messages too. Now, in the case of YouTube, the users will be able to highlight their message in different bright colors. And this will pin their comments on a stream.

How Super Chat will work?

The function is a bit different from Twitch, but the type of this feature is same. The objective of this feature is allowing fans to pay real money to get their comments highlighted or attention. It is not different from the technological webcam sites that have their very own chat systems for many years. On those sites, you have to purchase tokens to get your comments noticed.

According to YouTube, the Super chats will be pinned to the top for 5 hours. It will offer a lot of airtime for the comments and message to get noticed by the YouTube content creators. Within this time, the message will remain highlighted, and it will be on top. Yes, the makers will also benefit from this feature. They can connect with their fans for a much longer time, and it will also offer them another means to earn revenue.

Another development on YouTube

Along with this feature, YouTube is also bringing an API that allows the developers for accessing the real-time purchase from the system. The API will also replace the fan funding system that YouTube already has. This launch will bring some changes to YouTube, and this is focused on enhancing the experience of viewers and creators both. There is a trending section. It is newly added to the YouTube, and it will show the new talent on a weekly basis in that section.

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Last year it offered a new feature called Creator Hub that benefits the program. The YouTube support facility is also improved. There is other tools and YouTube community also launched a social network for discussing the different facilities and improvements for YouTube.

Launching today

Super Chat is launching today in a beta version that is accessible to the top YouTubers. It includes the iHasCupquake, Great Library, and Alex Wassabi. It will be available more at the end of the month to the creators in 20 different countries. The viewers of more than 40 countries can access it. Soon, when someone is online on a live stream, you can see a dollar sign in the chat window.

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When you click on that button, it will open up a slider that will help you send a dollar amount to the YouTuber. The more you are paying, the longer time your comment is highlighted. You will also get a limited number of characters for your message.

Real-time connection with viewers and creators

After the payment, the comment is highlighted in a different color, and it will help the live streamers to flag the paid message. If the comment is pushed to the chat stream, the creators can also click through paid messages by clicking on the colorful pins present at the top of the chat window. According to Barbara Macdonald, the objective of this feature is to help the viewer’s reach out for their favorite YouTubers in real time and vice versa.

Prevention of harassment

Viewer posts any hateful comment and pays to get that comment highlighted. Then the YouTuber content creator has the option of moderation tools to blacklist chat words. He/she can ban the harassing viewers. It remains in the hands of the content creator to flag the posts.

The Super Chat feature is for viewers who are 18+ and have a credit card. And in case you think better parental control are needed, send us your feedback in the comments section below.

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